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Bundt Cakes Slices

Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate Bundt Slices

This lemon raspberry white chocolate Bundt cake slice is sure to be a family favorite! We use freshly squeezed lemons and shredded zest for an extra burst of flavor in each bite. Then we integrate some sweet raspberries that have just enough tang without being too overpowering, finished off with imported Belgian-style curls on top which add even more beauty when they sizzle in your oven during baking time – what could make this any better?

Hummingbird Bundt Cake Slice

This Hummingbird Bundt cake slice is a family favorite when we go to Nana’s house for Sunday lunch. After her tradition, we take the time and effort of fully ripening our bananas before combining it with nuts that complement its natural sweetness in order to make this moist flavorful treat!

Carrot Bundt Cake Slices

The carrots are cooked to perfection in this delicious cake slice, with just the right amount of spice. The grated texture from fresh ingredients combined perfectly along with our signature cream cheese frosting makes for an unforgettable experience that’s sure not to be missed.

Funfetti Bundt Cake Slices

We know that you’re going to love the fun, festive flavor our Funfetti bundt cake slice has to offer. We start by mixing up a delicious vanilla birthday batter complete with tons of colorful candy confetti mixed throughout! Then we frost it all over and top off this beauty just like any other great cakes out there – only better because who doesn’t love some extra sprinkles?

Red Velvet Cake Slices

Red velvet cake was first created back in the Victorian era and it’s known for its color, texture ( velvety), and flavor. We start with our blend of red dutch processed cocoa powders combined with a combination vinegar/buttermilk giving this wonderful dish an amazing crimson appearance that complements any frosting or topping really well! This tasty slice will leave you wanting more.

Marble Bundt Cake Slices

Our delicious marble bundt cake slices are made with imported Belgian white chocolate and dark chocolates. The swirls of these flavors create an amazing taste that you will not be able to resist! We offer different options for frosting, such as cream cheese or buttercream- both equally delectable choices.

If you liked this bundt cake slice, bring a whole decorative bundt cake to share.

Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake Slices

We start with imported Belgian chocolates to create our fudge-filled crave worthy batter before covering it in cream cheese frosting and finishing off with some Belgium curl sprinkles on top for good measure. Combine this slice with one of our signature drinks to double your enjoyment.

Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Cake Slice

Our cinnamon swirl bundt cake slice has a southern flair and it’s made with our sour cream coffee cake batter, which is then layered on top of the rich brown sugar butter ribbon. Paired alongside your morning cup o’ joe or tea time this will be sure to please any appetite!


Pumpkin Bundt Cake Slice

There’s nothing like the fall season to make you feel all cozy and happy inside, which is why we’ve created our best pumpkin bundt cakes ever! With real pumpkins in every biteful (and not just “faked” spices), it will be hard to only eat one slice before winter rolls around again.