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Gourmet Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie

We did not set out to make the best chocolate chip cookie because our Mom already did.

We did however update Mom’s chocolate chip cookie. 50 years ago there was not as many choices of chocolates.

Mom just bought the chocolate chips from the corner store. Today we are able to choose from a variety of chocolate chips or chunks but we found making our own chocolate bars from premium chocolates then chopping up our chocolate bars is the best!

Our premium dark and semi sweet chocolate bars chopped up in random sizes fill our chocolate chip cookies. Topped with sea salt enhances the chocolates even more.

We believe if Mom was here today these would be her favorite chocolate chip cookies or maybe these chocolate chip cookies are heavenly inspired!!

Thanks Mom!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Plump and juicy sweet raisins make the difference in these cookies.

Oatmeal with a hint of cinnamon balanced with dark brown sugar and brown butter gives these cookies the distinguishable classic oatmeal raisin cookie taste.


New York Crumb
Cake Cookie

We love traditional NYC crumb cake made with a sour cream buttery cake topped with a brown sugar crumb and then dusted with powdered sugar.

So we thought let’s make the cookie base with the same ingredients using sour cream and butter. We then topped it the traditional way with the same brown sugar crumb and then dust with powdered sugar that’s on a NYC crumb cake and it turned out great.

Enjoy it with or without coffee. It’s so good!!

Peanut Butter

We love our peanut butter cookie made with lots of real peanut butter but we kick it up a notch with our own version of peanut butter chips added into the dough.

We think this makes the perfect Peanut butter cookie.

Cinnamon Roll

I remember as a kid waking up on Sunday morning to the smells of Mom’s cinnamon rolls.

Mom did something different and I have never seen any other cinnamon roll. After putting the cinnamon rolls in the pans she would spread the rest of the cinnamon smear over the tops of every roll before baking.

Once they came out of the oven Mom was ready with her homemade cream cheese frosting. She would then spread frosting all over the pan..every roll was covered.

Our cookies are made the same way with cinnamon smear in the middle and on top of the cookie. We take Mom’s same cream cheese frosting recipe and cover every cinnamon roll cookie with it.


All Bundteas cookies are made with organic European butter and natural vanilla. In this sugar cookie those flavors alone really come through. We coat the dough balls in large coarse sugar that adds just the right amount of sweetness. These cookies have a chewy center and crispy edges.

Not too sweet, just right with a real vanilla buttery taste.

Frosted Sugar

For those that might want it more sweet.

This is the same sugar cookie but we add our signature cream cheese frosting and this combination makes it sweeter and creamy for those that want to kick it up a notch.

German Chocolate

We frost the cookie with Bundteas toasted coconut caramel buttercream frosting, add toasted coconut then drizzle with our Bundteas chocolate ganache.

Cookies and Cream

We use a blend of dark cocoas to get just the right tasting chocolate cookie base that goes best with the cookie and cream cookie concept.

You won’t miss the milk for dunking. We top this cookie with a sweet cream frosting.

Lemon Pound
Cake Cookie

Lemon pound cake was a summer time treat for us growing up but why limit such a great flavor to summer.

Now that we can get fresh lemons for the lemon juice that goes in both the lemon cookie and the lemon icing we are ready all year round to offer our signature lemon pound cake cookie.

Lemon Raspberry
White Chocolate Cookie

Lemon cookie topped with fresh raspberry filling drizzled with Belgian white chocolate


The smell of snickerdoodle cookies at our house growing up and we knew it was Christmas time!

Soft chewy cookies coated twice in cinnamon and sugar with a slightly tart flavor separated these from all other cookies. No longer just a Christmas cookie for us, these are Delicious all year round.


What happens when you are craving both Reese’s peanut butter cups and peanut M&Ms.

We create a peanut butter cookie dough and stuff these candies inside and eat them altogether.

Peanut Butter
Cup Cookie

Peanut butter and chocolate lovers this is your cookie!

Starting with a triple chocolate cookie we cover the top with a sweet creamy peanut butter and then pour over Bundteas chocolate ganache.


Our breakfast cookie is good anytime of the day.

We call this cookie a breakfast cookie because it’s like eating your favorite bowl of oatmeal full of fruits and nuts.


Texas Sheet
Cake Cookie

We simply swap a chocolate cake for a chocolate cookie then cover the chocolate with the same great with chocolate cinnamon fudge the cake would get and top it with toasted pecans.

Truly a one of a kind cookie!


One of my favorite snacks is chocolate covered espresso beans so why not have that as a cookie.

Dark chocolate cookie covered with Bundteas espresso buttercream and chocolate coated espresso beans.

How about pairing this cookie with one of our signature cold brews?



Our funfetti cookie is a party! Birthday cake flavored cookie with vanilla and confetti candies mixed in the dough topped with Bundteas signature cream cheese frosting and more confetti candy.

Kids love them but hey there is a kid in all of us!